The mood…

The mood….

Not a message of dissent or requiring too much thought or explanation. Just a fact. If you’re black or brown, sad truth is that this has been and is even more so our reality.Maybe this will be heard as voices have…been drowned out by distraction.

Privilege comes with responsibility. I acknowledge my privilege, but I am also aware that privilege, in my skin may be viewed as threatening. All privilege is not equal. 

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Remembering Baby Talia

Pausing to remember Baby Talia.

Last week I heard the story of a little one, a three year old affectionately known as “Baby T.” As of earlier this year she is no longer with us. I was asked to help bring awareness to her life, the circumstance surrounding her death, and other children’s situations of safety.

#justiceforbabyt #bodegababy #lovewithoutreason

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