Today… I’m sad, grieving, hurting. When asked what am I grieving: My response – that two more black men (Rayshard Brooks & Robert Fuller), were murdered over the last few days, by those who felt they could – that these lives meant less to the world, to the society than their own – as some kind of sport or badge of honor. Might as well have taken a finger or an entire limb, which is what occurred during public lynchings in the recent past, check history. Take a body part to hang on the wall like a prize. Evidence of conquered prey.

My response: I feel like every moment I have, every breath I take, not actively engaging in the fight, in the movement for change to make things better is a waste of time… with the breath that I’ve been given, which at any point could also be taken as callously as my brothers’ and sisters’ lives. Left to saying my name, which some might intentionally mispronounce, if not only as a not so silent protest, against my life. My response: that I have family, friends, patients, colleagues, doctors, nurses, and other staff that live at risk everyday. Not because of COVID or cancer, but because of the color of their skin. Where diagnosis, disease, and degrees does little to separate them from the indiscriminate lack of concern for Black Lives. Understand please, that this is an issue of the highest order. Deference reveals privilege. Soul searching is in order. Silence contributes to continued violence.