What do you fear?

This goes to all the CEOs, executives, politicians, lawyers, judges, doctors, nurses, teachers, police officers, janitors, farmers, car dealers, actors, musicians, artists, pastors, students, athletes, food workers, retail workers, factory workers, real estate agents, etc.:

Have you ever wondered why most hate hides in the shadows? Have you wondered why those who carry the hate don’t just come out and say how they feel? Why continue to hide behind the “hood?” With so much open hatred, racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, at all levels of government and society at large, why continue to hide? 

Seems like fear. But of what? Job loss, family loss, status loss? What is it? If truly you are superior won’t another job be found? And that’s if your current employment is even lost. Doesn’t your family already know? Amongst those with similar ideas, what clout would you lose? So, again why hide in the shadows? What do you fear?

By This…Love

By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another. John 13:35

Though He was a Jew, Christ mingled with the Samaritans, setting at naught the Pharisaic customs of His nation. In face of their prejudices, He accepted the hospitality of this despised people. He slept under their roofs, ate with them at their tables, partaking of the food prepared and served by their hands, taught in their streets, and treated them with the utmost kindness and courtesy. Jesus sat as an honored guest at the table of the publicans, by His sympathy and social kindliness showing that He recognized the dignity of humanity..

The dream started way back when Jesus walked this earth, continued with Martin and many others, and is the legacy which should guide each of us today, Love. Live blessed.